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This category contains every piece of gear you need to be allowed to play sanctioned roller derby games.

Anything and everything extra, from spare parts to monkey lube and notorious scent remover.

The wheels on a skate are specific to the surface you want to skate, for instance a softer wheel can be used outside for better rollover and a harder one can be used to slide and maneuver on smoother surfaces better.

Plain boots come with no plates or anything else, you either buy complete skates or you set up and build them with these.

This is clothing that would be recommended to you should you decide or should you be playing roller derby.

These packages are the base of what you want in order to play roller derby, these include everything you need, from pads to skates themselves.

They hold stuff, I don't know what else you need to know.

These control the spin of your wheel and can greatly improve your push efficiency.

The plates are what control your control and reactiveness on a skate, it acts like the truck on a skateboard, allowing for better movement for different scenarios.

Your toestops control  how quickly you can stop and turn, there also is a variant called a jam plug that is smaller and intended for jam skating.

These boots are pre-built and will not need any tinkering other than possibly needing to be heat molded a little.